B J Medical College Has a Very Long Legacy.

Mahatma Gandhiji Was Operated for Appendicectomy on 12th January 1924.

On March 18, 1922 Mahatma Gandhiji was sentenced to six years simple imprisonment for sedition by session Judge, Ahamdabad. 

The embodied symbol of Indian nation was immured behind the walls of the Yerawada Central Prison, Poona.

The Jail Manual was applied to him rigorously and yet in prison Gandhiji was “as happy as a bird”

Twenty-two months of prison life had an adverse effect on Gandhiji’s health. On the night of January 12,1924, amidst a violent thunderstorm, state prisoner Gandhiji was operated upon in Sassoon Hospital, Poona, by Colonel Maddock for acute appendicitis.

The electric light fused during the operation. The appendectomy had to be finished by the light of hurricane lamp. Ganhiji thanked his surgeon profusely and they became warm friends.

The prisoner under guard began picking up unexpectedly fast.

On February 4, the Government remitted the unexpired portion of Gandhijis sentence and released him unconditionally. His reaction was “my release has brought me no relief”.

On August 4, 1933,Gandhiji was sentenced to one year rigorous imprisonment for disobeying the restraint order requiring him to reside within the limits of Poona city.

On being refused facilities for doing the Harijan work from inside the Yerawada Prison, he commenced a fast “unto death” on August 18th.On August 21st, the prisoner was once again removed to the Sassoon Hospital. Gandhiji said his prayers & broke his fast with a glass of orange juice.

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